in Georgia from there. Tourists love this place because there are pastel houses and narrow, cobblestone streets. Signagi overlooks the vast Alazani Valley, with the Caucasus Mountains visible at a distance. Sighnaghi was considered a royal fatherland like Telavi. 

If you decide to visit Georgia and have only daily plans, Kakheti is the best choice. I think that the best time to visit this place is Autumn because nature is the most impressive. It is a region formed in the 1990s in eastern Georgia from the historical province of Kakheti and the small, mountainous province of Tusheti. Telavi is the capital of Kakheti.

There are about 320,000 inhabitants in Kakheti nowadays. During the last half-century, its population has been growing slowly, driven by moderate natural growth and migration from the village to the city. The national composition of Kakheti is not diverse. Most of them (85%) are Georgians. There are Azeris, Kists, Ossetians, Russians, and Armenians too.

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